guest post....Matthew Arnall

Why don’t we use 2018 to start new trends and make a better you! Let’s get out and find some great new wines, at an exceptional value that stray away from the same old Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon. Here are some excellent alternatives!  

  1. Bored with your usual Cabernet Sauvignon? Get into the Touriga Nacional from Portugal (dry styles). This is a big heavy bold wine that packs all of the punch that Cabernet Sauvignon does.

  2. Trade out your Malbec for an Aglianico from Italy. I often sell this as the Italian answer to Malbec. It is big, bold, and spicy.

  3. Switch your typical Pinot Noir to a Cru level Gamay from Beaujolais (NOT Beaujolais Noveau). Sick of shelling out $100 a bottle for decent quality Sonoma Pinot Noir. Inside Burgundy (the King of Pinot Noir) has a smaller region in the south called Beaujolais that offers a very similar style for a fraction of the cost!

  4. Instead of that go to Chardonnay try Marsanne/Rousanneblends from the Rhone Valley, France. Look for Cote du Rhone blanc as well. These are big, weighty styles of wine that offer a new and a unique alternative to buttery chardonnay.

  5. Torrontes from Argentina is a fantastic alternative to traditional Sauvignon Blanc. An aromatic wine with a little less acidity it evokes memories of dancing to lively salsa music south of the border.

  6. Stuck on your Pinot Grigio? The Cortese grape from Gavi, Italy (often labelled Gavi di Gavi) will capture your heart and palate. This bottle is light, elegant, and drinkable.The first time I ever tried this was during a blizzard in NYC and I was instantly transported to the warm beaches of the Amalfi Coast

  7. Champagne losing its bubble? Try Franciocorta from Italy. Not only is Franciocorta a lot less expensive, it is made from the same grapes and same technique as Champagne but they are held to longer ageing regulations than Champagne. Which means deeper complexity and a much smoother taste!