The one about the beginning...(archived)

“Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.”

— Michael Scott | The Office

I've finally run out of excuses for not writing. My hope is that this blog allows me to find my voice, as much as it may change. A vast majority of the time I find my rants, musings, and tangents to be at their best inspirational (even if it's only to the audience in my head), at their worst self-righteous and wholly self-indulgent. Now that I've decided that it is more necessary to pen these thoughts rather than to judge them, I'm optimistic that I can choose to sit down every day and just simply write.

This blog doesn't possess any particular theme and I don't focus on any particular content, at least intentionally, I am a chef so draw your own conclusions. This first post is a bit of a "shake the mental cobwebs" type, I'm still insecure about this and yet I'll proceed because the necessity eclipses the fear.

You used to be much more..."muchier." You've lost your muchness.

My hope is that you, my dear reader, see a bit of yourself in what you read and pluck a modicum of inspiration or information from it. Even better its sparks a bit of curiosity. For myself, I hope to recapture my "muchness". See, there was a time when I was much more "muchier", and I've discovered that to get it back to oneself you must purposely find a rabbit hole and confidently hurl yourself down it, and at the bottom is where you've buried the madness that makes you awesome.



Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.

— Lewis Carroll

Tiffani Rozier